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Adding to the previous post

Oh yes, it's him/her - I thought I recognized the MO.

jeremy.crawford27: hello.
Ximeria: hi
jeremy.crawford27: do you write fanfiction.
Ximeria: occasionally, aye
jeremy.crawford27: i was looking for someone to write one.
do you write slash.
Ximeria: in a few fandoms, yes
jeremy.crawford27: have you done femslash or jsut slash.
Ximeria: just slash
jeremy.crawford27: oh
i was looking to see if someone mighty do a martha/lana fic but no one will i guess you won't either.
Ximeria: sorry, no - I haven't been in the smallville fandom for half a decade now
jeremy.crawford27: please.
i just want a fic that takes place during season 2 so will you do it.
Ximeria: can't do - I've got too much on my plate currently - and I need to feel inspiration in the characters - which I don't with these.
jeremy.crawford27: ASSHOLE
Ximeria: you're online again with your little games aren't you?
I remember you! we used to have great fun making fun of you online, you know
very entertaining
*blows raspberry*