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It seemed like a good idea at the time (nano post #3)

Still going at it, but as my vacation week draws nearer, I watch the wordcount with worry. I'm out of the country for a week - and I'm not expecting to get anything done writing wise that week.

The good news is I'm chipping away ever so slowly and I'm a good deal ahead, at the moment at least. I've as of tonight, passed the 30K mark *cheers self on*

The title of tonight's post is linked to the fact that I'm not sure there's enough meat on this for 50K - mind you, I've just let the villain get away, so it's not like I can't keep writing *g* - and considering it's a fusion with the Warehouse 13 universe, which is a series, I guess I can just keep going until I hit the magical 50+K.

It's been surprisingly easy to fuse the x-men characters and world into the idea of a Warehouse that deals with artifacts - and using mutants for it actually proved quite logical. That at least is something, so I don't have to worry about my ideas and good intentions falling apart halfway through (although famous last words, there's still 20K to go - it could go wrong yet).

*cheers everyone else on*
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(And under all circumstances there's sushi!)