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ximeria ([personal profile] ximeria) wrote2017-03-05 11:35 pm

The week in review - heh, well, sort of XD

Not sure how much more than a week but yeah. Been good, been fun (work is sucking my brain out and pollen season's started :( ). So good times!

Been finishing the posting of the old star trek fic, so that one's out of my digital drawer. Have been loosely plotting the X-men trek-fusion - which should be fun!

Still keeping up with the twice-a-month posting of short stories (still all x-men, not going to change that).

Heading off to the Lake District in May for a weekend get-away with some lovely people I don't see nearly often enough *g*

On the list for the year I have an entry of 'learn something new' - not sure what that will be - Ruby maybe? Android app development?, knitting/crocheting? The sky's the limit ;)

Just spent the evening watching Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and enjoyed it lots. I know the book but wasn't sure how the movie was going to be.

Tomorrow: off to see Logan. I have been warned to bring kleenex O.o

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