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Current mood

This is how I feel currently about spring and about trees:

I feel like shredding my face and my eyes several times through the day. If anyone else says to me: "Isn't it lovely, it's getting warmer and the trees are going green." I. Will. Kill. Them. With. Fire!

This has been brought to you from those of us who are allergic to the fuckers. Don't ask us how lovely spring is. Just hand over the tissue when we start sneezing. At least I'm not allergic to grass. Those who are allergic to both tree pollen and grass pollen? You have my deepest empathy.
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Argh, you poor thing, it started this early?
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Help's on the way, not that it's going to help. Still.
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You'll just have to wait and see... :P

Yeah, at least it isn't all year 'round, because it sounds really, really horrible when you talk about how annoying it is - it's disabling when it's that serious. Urgh.