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Oy, I sit down for a bit to watch a few choice episodes of DS and look what's there when I get back *g*

Well, I'll dig into the stories and leave you with this (and before you ask, I CAN watch TV without the sketchbook, I simply choose not to ^_~)

Firelight -- R-rated DS fun )
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I was feeling a bit jittery tonight, and the outcome was a quick sketch, run through PS afterwards *g*
It's quite big heheh, sorry -- about 95kb, because I love overloading people's bandwidth 0;)

DS sketch, R-rated )
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It might have been the cause of me drinking too much last night and only having four hours of sleep LOL

Chibi madness )
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Finally managed, with a little help and whining from my FraserMuse, to finish the sketch I was working on the other night -- it was one of those spur of the moment things I started on, kinda finished in about 20 mins (the kind of challenge I always set myself when I feel I need to do a sketch), then left sitting in the sketchbook for a while, because I wasn't sure I liked it. Well, the FraserMuse liked it *g* and eventually I cleaned the worst mess of lines off and scanned it -- there are two versions, one ordinary and one with a gradient background. I think I ended up calling it 'Goodmorning Sunshine' although 'Welcome home' wouldn't be too bad a title either *g*

Goodmorning Sunshine )
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If you ever wonder what kind of crack I'm on, I'd like to point to my muses -- these are my DS muses only, but you can imagine that my other fandoms aren't less... insane LOL

It started with me having a discussion with my chibi-Ray -- he wanted to know if chibis are anatomically correct...

DS muses )
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Yo, Nicci! You keep asking for DS stuff, right?
I don't know why, but it's gotta be someone's fault, right? Though I guess I shouldn't complain since this is the image I woke up with in my mind LOL

R-rated for boy/boy action LOL )

On a different note -- bids have been placed on both my moonridge contributions -- come on people, get a move on -- it's for a good cause! LOL -- and I'm more than willing to part with the actual illustrations once the whole thing's done -- hey, I tend to do that, if I make illus for anyone, they get the originals as well *g*

But it's still nice to see people are bidding both the SG story and the Sentinel one *g*
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The DS sketch monster struck again -- heavily aided by Ray, though neither of us managed to get him out of the uniform -- oh well, there's always another day *eg*
And again, I'm getting used to this style, but who knows in which direction it'll drag me next time? LOL

Constable Fraser )


Jun. 5th, 2005 11:00 pm
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Yup, this is me fiddling with a different style *again* -- it seriously puts a cramp on my ability to sketch! But I'll have to get a grip on the sketching anyway, seeing as my contribution to Moonridge is an SG-1 story with illus AND a sentinel story ALSO with illus... Yeah, I was probably on something when I offered that LOL

Oh Niiiiicciiiiii? )
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Seems my sketch muses are slowly warming to the DS vibe... And I just bet there's nothing better than Saturday mornings where the boys don't have to go to work ^_~

I still havent found the style, but I'll get there, eventually...

Saturday mornings )


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