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Yup, here goes the final batch.
I never thought I'd get this done LOL
But there's a mix of vignettes of DS, TS, SGA, SG1, X-men and Firefly

If you click the tag at the end of this post that says 'kick the muses 2006 campaing' you'll get all the posts with the vignettes

Surprises for Enigel - Firefly - Mal/Simon - PG )

Great Expectations for pattrose - The Sentinel - Jim/Blair -  )

5th batch

Apr. 16th, 2006 12:09 am
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Not exactly my ordinary pairings, but I do try to create these as to your requests *g*

And I apologize in advance for the SG1 vignette -- I haven't watched more than a few eps of Season 9 -- then Jayne pulled Vera out and ordered me to the darker side *eg*

Downtime for seikaitsukimizu - SG1 - Cameron/Teal'c - PG )

for Scriggle - X-men - Remy/Logan - PG13 )
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Next time, remind me to say that I want ordinary words LOL -- I'm not freakin' English -- some words I do have to check in the dictionary *pouts*

Questions for Ladydey - Sentinel - Jim/Blair - PG )

Startling Revelations for Everlydawn - SGA - Rodney/Carson - PG )

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And the 2nd batch is a go -- and with that I bid you all good night -- I'll try to continue tomorrow, though I've got both work and choir practice *g*
Again, thank you to Nicci for re-reading and for the icon *g*

Memories for Etakyma - SG1 - Jack/Daniel - G )

Good Morning for yoritomo_reiko - X-men - Bobby/Remy - PG13 )

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1. Thanks to Nicci for reading through the stories
2. Thanks to Nicci for the fairy icon *g*
3. This is gonna kill me, isn't it?

Indian Summer for Malnpudl - DueSouth - Fraser/Kowalski - R )

Touch for leaper182 - SG1 - Jack/Daniel - PG )

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Alrighty then!
*rubs hands*

I need volunteers with words *g* -- you have until 11:10PM my time (that's an hour from now) -- and I WILL put a note up here when that time comes:

I want you to give me five words and a pairing -- I need some inspiration -- I might not use all five words, but here's hoping they'll jolt the muses back to life -- I can't even promise I WILL write it -- if the muses just stare at your suggestion, it might not happen... If they run away, I can assure you it won't. Heh, this is me being a bitch, I know -- learn to live with it, I have *eg*

ETA: Come on people, time's running. So far we've got DS, SG1, SGA, TS, FF, X-men -- I've got other fandoms, people. There's still Andromeda (though nothing that will EVER involve Tyr) and there's Smallville

That's it -- you people are obviously trying to kill me, but alas, I did ask for it *g* Now we all know what my muses are doing over the Easter days *g*


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