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Hey guys,

I'm still alive... more or less*g*

Thakfully it's friday tomorrow, and even though I have 2 hours of work on Saturday, I can see and end to this madness by now. We ordered pizzas after work today and at ourselves stupid before heading off home. It was brilliant and fun, but damn, I'm feeling like I'm about to keel over any minute now :(


Well, figures that the moment I waste time on a new layout *points at TOS layout*, LJ goes and makes an arse of itself. Jeez, make it an opt-out or even more people will turn their backs on LJ.

That said, guys, if any of you need DW codes, I still have - I'm still here, still posting to LJ, but I'm getting really sick and tired of LJ pulling some shit every third month or so that pisses its users off. No, I won't repost the comments I make to FB, wouldn't dream of it.

I of course expect the same good behaviour from you all - but that's a given and I doubt anyone on my list would be insensitive enough to crosspost their comments on my entries to their FB accounts. Not because I make a secret of who I am and what I do for fun, but because it's a gross violation of privacy (LJ, WTFBBQ were you thinking!?)

For anyone interested, and it doesn't COMPLETELY solve the problem, if people have set their crossposting to twitter and FB on automatic, but at least it's something! and fairly simple to do, as it removes the buttons from your reply page.

PS, has anyone noticed the comments on the news post on LJ news? If LJ considers this a good idea now, I have to admit they were stupider than I thought they were...
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...new LJ layout!

Happy weekend peeps.

*raises glass of wine*

I know...

Nov. 29th, 2008 10:26 pm
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It's not December yet, but I thought I'd dig my Christmas layout out again ^_^

And the icon as well ^_^
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Right. so there's a ton of stuff I should be doing -- like getting the laundry from the basement, getting myself sorted out for tonight before heading off to see The Golden Compass ...oh, and I should be finishing my DS seekrit Santa story *bows head in shame*

Um, so instead I did a xmas theme for the LJ *smiles widely*
I'll be going back to the eyecandy that is Ianto and Jack after Christmas, also because I've been reading stuff about the upcoming series -- among other things it seems our dear Tea Boy (I'd consider him a coffee boy, but then again, I'm biased -- I prefer coffee LOL) is going to shine a wee bit brighter *smiles happily*

Here's a review of the first episode of the series 2
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Here we go again -- just because I should be writing for the nano -- I end up doing a new LJ layout... I wanted to push the journal itself down to allow a full topbanner -- which will drive people with a setup of less than 800x600 nutters... right so that's just the way itll be for a bit -- I wanted something bright and pretty to look at *g* - the boys don't come much hotter if you ask me.
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*cracks up*

I'm seeing a future in this stuff LOL -- Nicci made me a new top banner *mmmmmmmmmm* so I've changed the layout.

However, such a thing doesn't come cheap. I pay in smut. Much to my amusement, most of it was written while not completely sober the other day *laughs* -- Don't worry, if I really do start writing Torchwood, I'll be focusing more on characterization -- consider this a testdrive into the art of gratatious smut with no plot and no canon whatsoever.

Title: You Think You're So Damned Clever
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: *raises eyebrow*
Category: Wine-induced crack-fic
Notes: Well, if everyone else and their mothers are doing it, so can I. Bad-fic always makes me want to write, feel free to take it apart and laugh at it. I'm not sober, I know that. The question is, why aren't you drunk off your arse?
Disclaimer: Noooo they belong to the BBC. Though, just imagine what I could get them into if I owned them *laughs evilly*

Torchwood smut for the sake of smut )
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Right, now I can sit down and write a bit with a clean conscience. I finally finished my new layout and got it uploaded. *sighs*

Now I have a few wishes on the kink list, but I feel too sleepy to be kinky at the moment, so I think I'll save them for a bit, I hope you don't mind. I think I might drag out my old SG1/Due South crossover that never got finished or quite possibly the Gambit/Iceman one that I started ages ago because I WANTED Remy to get his sexy as hell self onto the big movie screen. If they won't give us that, I'll bloody well write it myself. Besides, I doubt they'll let him and Bobby get it on *eg*

New layout

Oct. 22nd, 2006 11:30 pm
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Heh, new layout is up ^_^


Oct. 15th, 2005 04:51 pm
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I feel under-appreciated ::sniffles:: I got none of the SG-awards I was nominated for.

::coughs and grins::

Just kidding, as long as I still get fb from people who enjoy whatever strange stuff I post, I'm not really too concerned with the 'recognition' of an award. But hey, I put my time this afternoon to good use instead of sulking in the corner. I redid my lj layout -- I've sent the Chibis on vacation for the next two weeks and put up a Halloween themed layout LOL

And yes, I had fun sketching pumpkins at work today LOL

PS Congrats [livejournal.com profile] nicci_mac, I bet you never thought you'd get an award for a GEN fic ::ROFL::

ETA: Okay, I want an award too, I admit it. I just saw WHO won one... ::shakes head::


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