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My jaws are still aching from laughing so hard.

So here are my expectations with the results in italics

1. I expected to be entertained
Are you bloody kidding me?! I haven't felt this entertained in AGES.

2. I thought I'd find the story a bit boring.
Yes and no. Let's face it, the plot wasn't all that, but it didn't really matter!Plot was never an option, Charles. It was no worse than the first Sherlock Holmes movie.

3. It will be slashy
Ah.ha.ha.ha.ha. *snorts coffee and wipes eyes* Fuck, Sherly, you and Watson are SO married and if I ever have a stag party, you're hired to forget about it plan it.

4. It will be beautiful cinematography.
It was absolutely gorgous

PS. the movie has SO many one liners, I can't even begin to choose my favourite. I'll have to watch it again (and again). I can not WAIT to watch it again.
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Nicci, you want to go watch any of these while I'm at your place?

Hugo looks like a good adventure flick by Martin Scorsese
Should still be in the lineup when I come across - dec 2nd is the opening date for the UK (january 19th 2012 for Denmark)

Sherlock Holmes - A game of shadows
Nicci, did you ever watch the first one? If not, I'm bringing it over *grins*
Opens in the UK on dec. 16th, Denmark January 5th (guys! I'm coming through Copenhagen on the 6th of January on the way home - wanna go watch the movie!? - I can totally watch it more than once!)

Peeps! What's on your watchlists for the next couple of months?
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I just came home from the theater having watched Cowboys and Aliens.

I was led to believe it starred Daniel Craig. Not quite true, my friends. The starring role was Daniel Craig's arse. How many times can you zoom in on a guy's arse in fetish tight trousers, accidentally? Really, it was totally a cracky movie, cracky plot (what there was and what I didn't miss while, erm... admiring Mr. Craig's ...assests.

He gave Jim Kirk the run for his money as well when it came to having his shirt ripped (off)

Also, flist, riddle me this, riddle me that - is there a time where Daniel Craig is NOT sex on legs?


Well, I can't think of any time - and this movie most definitely delivered many a giggle - it was like watching a cracky, adult version of Lucky Luke.

Only with aliens and tonnes of man pain *g*


I mean, this is a scene in the movie:

and this was one of the ORIGINAL TEASER POSTERS!

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As the hectic time of the year is going to trip me up for the forseeable future, I have a new wallpaper on the work computer and consquently a new happyplace

I just... occasionally minimize all windows and stare at the above. just a moment or two LOL
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Thanks to [personal profile] sol_se and the japanese trailer for the upcoming x-men DVD we now know what Fassy looks like in drag *falls off chair laughing*

1. go to the youtube page

2. go to roughly 4:00 minutes and watch... and stare... and, well, don't drink while watching it. ♥ Charles SO much, because of course it's his fault XD


Aug. 12th, 2011 12:34 am
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Captain America was so much better than expected *grins* so full of comic book references. Also: avengers trailer at the end FTW!
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via [personal profile] sol_se:

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Via [personal profile] sol_se

And I agree - totally died at the end LOL

gets the last stuff done then it's out to handle Nicci's back garden *shakes with fear*
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Right, before I go out the door (and I'm not having fun, the cold from hell hit me Monday and it's still got me in it's disgusting claws), I have to share this (thanks to [personal profile] sol_se for sharing the link:

You know, just in case you wondered how many times James and Michael have had sex XD
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Crossdressing, there was crossdressing?! Who cut that out!?

*ads title to list of must buy when released*
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I also may have a humongous crush on Michael Fassbender - never before was Magneto THIS sexy *humms happily*

So, on the to-do list this weekend? Find some good Erik/Charles fic *eg*


Jun. 15th, 2011 11:40 pm
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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are TOTALLY my big, geeky heroes!

That's all, that and please watch 'Paul'. Especially if you're a nerdy type of fan ^_^

Very fitting - came home and the first email to enter my inbox was... a newsletter from Forbidden Planet XD

So many one-liners and pop cultural references that I SO want to rewatch it.
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how's it hangin'?

Can't say it's hanging well here. It's been Easter hols for the last five days - we've had time off from work from Thursday till today - and I've spent nearly half of it, near-comatose *frowns* - seriously, pollen's really being a bitch this year and it hasn't maxed out yet. It's as always worse for me when it's birch pollen rather than anything else. I react to other tree pollen, but birch is the worst due to the amount of it.

I'm not as such behind on my writing of the trekreversebang story - I've got it plotted out (on 12 A5 sheets of paper, handwritten LOL) and I'm 1500 words into it and steadily writing today - the minimum is 6K and that will NOT be a problem LOL.

It's also pure crack - and I hope it will do the image it's being written for (not to mention the brilliant artist) justice.

*looks at calendar and bounces a little*

May 11th I'm off for a week to go spend a weekend in a cabin in Western Scotland *g* - I foresee a lot of photos XD

I've also ordered tickets for the summer hols - leaving on the 27th of June and coming home again on the 15th of July *\0/*

I'll be attending the viewing of Thor 3D on Thursday (very fitting day, wouldn't you say? LOL) - And with that I'm going back to writing - but I'll leave you with a picture of Chris Hemsworth - he made a pretty George Kirk in the 2009 Trek movie - he makes a pretty decent Thor (at least Marvel version, because the real thing was a red-head damnnit!)


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