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I'm sorry to say I have to put the 365 project on the backburner for a few weeks. If you caught the post earlier in the week, you'll know that I'm moving flat -- May 1st, so I can't find the time to run around with the camera. Instead, I'll take photos on the weekends when I can squeeze it in -- at least until I can return to the schedule of the 365. So you'll get pictures, just not taken every day of the week.

Batch numero uno - taken on April 5th, 2008 )
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Week 13 in pictures )
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Hey, only one day late XD

week 12 in pictures... )
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I knew I'd forgotten something.

Last week's 365 -- and I've been bloody knackered during that week and this as well, seeing as I've got a nasty cold and just haven't had time and energy to run around outside with the camera -- and inside? It's too messy LOL -- I'm not sharing images of THAT! Outside? It's been raining and we've had gale winds. Can't promise for the next few days of photoshots, because they're promising us a bit of a snow storm... then again, I can give you pictures of that through the window XD

So, for week 11, it's a bit of a mixture of a trip I went on Saturday and Sunday -- hope you'll forgive me and I'll try to kick the cold so I can do some serious photography

week 11 )
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Right, only two days late LOL -- I'm still a bit knackered, but at least I'm capable of stringing a full sentence together... or or less.

Week 10 in pictures )
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Lookie, on time again this week LOL

week 9 )
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Today, actually in time and not nearly a week delayed LOL

This week's theme? Not much, unless you count it as Xim-stuff

Week 8 in pictures )
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Ooops, I compiled the images and everything, just completely forgot to post last Sunday XD

a very delayed week 7 in photos )
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The week in pictures )
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And look! I got it done on Sunday! Well, nearly, it's a bit past midnight here XD

A lot of building )
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Slightly delayed:

Week 4 in pictures )
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Yup, I finally managed to do this before midnight on a sunday XD

365 photos for week 3 )
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Right, so off we are again.

Week 2 in photos )
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Sorry about the delay -- not a good start now that I've taken over the craziness from Nicci, but I was imply too knackered last night when I came home from the airport at 0:30

365 - Week 1 )

Sorry about the half post non-cut entry before -- I seem to have hit post XD -- yeah, still knackered. And a little thank you to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nicci_mac for making me an icon to use for this madness *g*


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