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And what a day it turned out to be. The sun shone mercilessly from the sky.

View from Edinburgh Zoo

Photo count of the day: 87 pcs...

Day 10 the Invasion of Scotland aka July 15th, 2007 )
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Up up up north where what you think is fog turns out to be a low cloud cover...

Low clouds at Loch Laggan Dam

Picture count of the day: 53 pcs

Day 9 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 14th, 2007 )
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Friday was an out of town trip and what a trip it was.

Today's picture count: 56

Day 8 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 13th, 2007 )
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Today was an excursion to the Deep Sea World -- full of water and bright colours ^_^

Today's photo count: 26 pcs

Day 7 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 12th, 2007 )
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Just a nice day with a lot of walking in the Glen (Pittencrieff Park)

Picture count of the day: 19

Day 6 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 11th, 2007 )
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And we're up to the photos I haven't posted previously. I'm sorry about doing the double posting of the photos from the first couple of days, but I needed to get down in writing what we had been doing those days.

So, here we are, on the fifth day.

Picture count: 22 pcs.

Day 5 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 10th, 2007 )
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Picture count: 102 pcs

Day 4 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 9th, 2007 )
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Picture count: 37 pcs

Day 3 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 8th, 2007 )
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Picture count: 59 pcs

Day 2 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 7th, 2007 )
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Let's see if I can do a round up on the Scotland trip. It was a long one, but alas, I miss the Clan already. Terribly much, so.

Summary of what I've been doing in the land of the kilt clad people *g*

Day 1 of the Invasion of Scotland aka July 6th, 2007 )
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Yup, we've been terribly busy so I haven't had time to upload anything. I bought a new camera on Monday 9th, and I sort of went crazy with it. I've put the Monday pictures up for your perusal.

I caught a lift with Nicci as she went into work and I spent the day walking about in Dunfermline. I ended up finally buying a new digital camera. So there, that's another reason I ended up with a 100+ pictures *g*. In the evening we went out on a little trip to the beach. The light was fantastic for that trip.

July 9th pictures
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I'm a few days behind, so here are the photos from Sunday.

We went into Edinburgh to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens and Becca, Nicci and I went into the greenhouses. The weather was fabulous most of the time, although it did dribble a few times.

We went by Edinburgh Castle on the way back *points at picture*

Images from Sunday, July 8th
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I've got pictures to share.

We went to Falkirk today, mostly to go to the market and Callender House. The weather was... slightly schizo. Thankfully mostly when we were inside. Lucky us.

The final leg of the trip was spent at the Falkirk Wheel. Very interesting piece of machinery and there was a crafts fair with falconers and eagles and owls and... yeah, pretty cool flying predators *g*

We spent the evening after a good, thick pizza, watching Eddie Izzard in Glorious much roaring with laughter ensued. I did fear for Nicci's wellbeing during the viewing, especially during the 'I like my women like I like my coffee, coverd in bees!' part *g* - I wonder how hazardous it will be to her wellbeing with me having brought over six Eddie DVDs all in all. Heh.

We ended that session with The Neverending Story. Now that was a nostalgic and great reunion on that one.

So, I'm way too tired to do a full entry, so I'll just leave you with the photo gallery of the day.
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Hey everyone.

I'm sitting here at Nicci's lappy, trying to get used to the keyboard on a non-Danish keyboard. Heh.

I feel right at home here at the moment. It's raining cats and dogs outside, pretty much like it was in Copenhagen when I left this morning.

It was hell getting up this morning. My train left at a little to 6AM and I had to get a few things done before I left. So I got up at 4.30 -- wasn't all that much fun, really LOL

It was raining when we got on the plane, on time and everything, even if check-in took ages because the damned self-check in didn't like my passport and I had to get into the actual check-in line to get through. Ended up okay with me being checked in exactly two hours before the plane was set to depart.

I talked to [livejournal.com profile] goddessindia on the phone while I was waiting. Had a bit of a laugh when I just put in 'nice arse' in the middle of the convo. There were some workers there, two of them probably in their early twenties, pushing a heavy cart up a slightly steep incline which in turn of course showed off their ...assets.

It was great getting above the cloud cover, where the sun shone. There were a few holes in it, especially on the first part of the journey. Right until we went past Funen. Then the cloud cover was completely inpenetrable. I don't think there were any holes until we started descent over Edinburg. Where of course it was raining XD

Took about 45 minutes from we landed until I got me luggage though :( -- That's about the only thing that didn't go according to plan. Anyway, I got on the bus a little to 1PM and got into Waverly station where I met up with Nicci's hubby. We then proceded to visit a few pubs, had a few pints, a bit to eat and then we got on the train to Dunfermline.

It's been hectic since I got here, although they try to convince me that this has actually been a fairly quiet day O.o

Well, I'm going to head off now, Nicci's put on some coffee and we're probably just going to relax and have ourselves a little fun *grins*


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