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Hello one and all -- I am now home safe and sound.

The trip home was better than out -- we had tailwind instead of headwind, so we made it into Copenhagen airport 15 mins ahead of schedule. This in turn meant I could catch a train earlier than I'd expected, bringing me into Odense at 9pm instead of 10pm local time. It meant I made it into the supermarket before it closed at 10 and I now have had a bit to eat and there's food for breakfast tomorrow morning ^_^

*hugs everyone*

Thank you for being with me for the past nearly three weeks of mad wandering around the lovely southern part of Scotland.

Thankfully I've got a few days before heading back to work on Monday, so I should be capable of moving without wincing XD
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I took the train to Edinburgh at 9 and met up with [livejournal.com profile] catspaw_sgjd for a day out in Edinburgh. The weather was better than expected -- it only rained when I got on the train in Dunfermline -- once I got to Edinburgh it threatened a few times but it stayed dry.

Edinburgh Day Out

much walking )

For the full set go here
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Early morning starts. Bex, Nicci and I left at 8.30 this morning to go to [livejournal.com profile] catspaw_sgjd's. After a bit of navigation annoyance with Edinburgh being dug up here and there, we made it to our destination of the day: Edinburgh Zoo
(later in the day we were joined by [livejournal.com profile] aswanargent). We ended up spending roughly 7 hours at the zoo -- yes, we're knackered -- and tomorrow we'll be feeling the pain.

Black Jaguar

Edinburgh Zoo )

for the full set of images at Flickr from this fine day out
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Yes, finally did the pictures XD

Falkland Palace

Falkland Palace and more )
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So, Thursday went down the toilet. I had bad night and a worse morning, stomach cramps keeping me awake most of the time -- which meant staying in bed for the the whole day ) :

So, Friday turned out a lot better, we drove up to Falkland Palace, wasted ten quid on entry (not really worth it)

Drove down and got fish and chips at a perfectly greasy joint *g*

Came home and Nicci's having a nap, while Bex and I are watching Jim Henson's the Labyrinth *g*

Pictures from today shall follow at some point.
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Today we canceled the Edinburgh Zoo trip because it seemed to be raining in Edinburgh. We took our chances and went up north to Blairdrummond Safari park and apart from a few specs of airborne water, we had good weather, even sun shine in between.


Blairdrummond Safari Park )

For the full set, click here
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Today we, the Trio of Entrepid Explorers, went to the Butterfly Farm in Edinburgh. There were so many butterflies (drunk ones) flying over the place that it was almost dangerous to stand still even for the shortest of moments.

Edinburgh Butterfly Farm

Edinburgh Butterfly Farm )

For the full set, clicky clicky
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So, [livejournal.com profile] catspaw_sgjd, [livejournal.com profile] nicci_mac and I went through to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, and went camera crazy *eg*

Greenhouses of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh

Royal Botanical Gardens - aka -- oh! That's what the macro setting is for... )
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This day was done as a trio trip -- meaning it was [livejournal.com profile] catspaw_sgjd, [livejournal.com profile] nicci_mac and myself on a bit of a road trip, going through Kilmahog, Lake of Manteith (across it, not through it of course)

Fellow Travellers

Lake of Menteith - warning - image HEAVY )

For the full set, click here
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One not very camera shy seagull *g*

Trip to Silver Sands, Aberdour )
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Tuesday rolled around and so did a little trip down South Queensferry to see Hopetoun House.

Hopetoun House

We walked and walked... )

For the full set of today, click here
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Hello everyone.


Nicci and I went down into the Glen this afternoon, wandering around the park, taking photos, chasing squirrels and photo shy bumble bees. The outcome? A nice set of shots.

One less camera shy bumble bee

Images from June 30th, The Glen, Dunfermline -- assorted images )

The full set from today
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Not much to report at the moment. Nicci and I are sitting around, each with our laptops (hers is the Tardis, mine's named Ianto *shushes people*)

We have little planned for today, apart from some website maintenance, lots of coffee and hopefully for Nicci, a bit of photomanipping and for me, a bit of writing -- for her as well if the writing bug bites *g*

*buries nose in mug with Australian Skybury and inhales*

So much for now, we shall see if something else comes up during the day.
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dammit, I'm knackered. I so feel like I could sleep for a day or two *g*

Scotland's being a bit on the wild side weatherwise. We get sun, rain and gale winds *g*. The flight wasn't much fun -- don't think I've ever been on a smaller airplane -- room for appx 180 people (that was the number of seats). I tell ya, it was a can of sardines. Was happy to get out of said can, find the Clan and head toward Dunfermline ^_^

So, Nicci and I spent the past hour watching .....you know what, from yesterday...

Xim: eeeeeh, arrrrrgh, oooooooooh ---nooooooooo, OMFG, that boy is sex on sticks when he's pissed and jealous.

That's it, we shall now return you to your regular schedule -- nothing has been planned for tomorrow, so I'm hoping to catch up on a few things, maybe, *gasp* even write a bit XD
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...and I'll be out the door, down the street, heading for the railway station, taking the train to the airport, getting on the plane *crosses fingers* and then I'll be off, on my way to the lovely Scotland, the Clan and two and a half, nearly three weeks of vacation, fun, lazying about, taking pictures, having fun... and that means this little post? Is the last one for now, but I'll be updating while I'm in Scotland. I'll be putting photos up here, vacation reports etc up here as well so hang around if you're into that *g*

Will I be writing while I'm gone? I really hope so -- my muses have been as stressed out as I have lately, so I'm hoping they'll be as taken with Scotland as they were last time ^_^

Ta! I'll be talking to you guys again when I'm on the other side *g*
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Seems everyone and their dog will be in Scotland this summer. Now comes the fun part. Is anyone there while I am? I know [livejournal.com profile] nicci_mac has hunted down a few people, but I figured it couldn't hurt to hit my side of the flist. So, I'll be in Dunfermline from Sunday until the 16th of July. There's quite a few in or around Edinburgh, so the question is? Are you? And are you willing to see the rest of us crazies? In real life, involving coffee (of course, Ianto Jones has nothing on me -- I'm incapable of functioning without the black gold and I'm quite sure the same goes for Nicci -- that said, tea drinkers are more than welcome as well XD)

So, anyone?
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Yes, this is me already making lists of what to take along to keep reminding myself -- I'm facing two weeks of hell, I'm bound to forget something

  • jeans, knee-length trousers, t-shirts and hooded shirts, underwear, sleepwear

  • rain coat *g*

  • nice shoes, running shoes, sandals, comfy shoes

  • gifts *grins at Nicci*

  • Izzard DVDs before Becca drives her poor mum nuts -- well, more nuts

  • coffee

  • candy

  • lappie with various accessories

  • a multitude of DVDs already put in sleeves to take up less room

  • Dresden Files novels for Neil

  • Sketchpad and pencil

also, feel free to chip in if there's anything you think I'm forgetting XD

There are days where I envy Rincewind his Luggage -- just, sometimes - until I come to my senses
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The latter first -- I feel completely drained tonight -- I know the days until I go to Scotland will be the same -- I have absolutely no time for anything at the moment.

Everything has to be planned for, stuff like laundry, buying last minute stuff, like birthday presents, getting my hair cut, this and that party with the company etc.

And that's just for the next two weeks O.o

No wonder I feel drained.

That said, I got to wondering. We'll be out and about a lot, but we'll be around Edinburgh every once in a while -- so question -- is there a good place to buy really good, whole coffee beans? I've been searching online, but so far I've had no luck. Of course I'll be bringing my favourite blends to Dunfermline, but it'd be nice if there was somewhere where I could restock *g* -- I'm particularly fond of Australian Skybury and Mexican Chaipas at the moment, but anything goes, as long as it's good coffee *g*

Typical, I've grown used to the really good stuff, since we have several places here that sell good, whole beans.

*yawns and struggles to not fall asleep*


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