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All about me, me and oh yeah, me!


The Fan-girl
I love a good sci-fi series and if there's pretty boys and girls in there? Even better.

Leading me to:

The Slasher
The part of me who loves on screen chemistry, who adores it when two men or two women make sparks fly. The more between the lines it is, the better -- the more my own imagination is exercised.

So what's with the current obsession? Torchwood has established the fact that Jack shags Ianto, or at least put it in the storyline so ill-veiled that it's hard to prove he's not. Well, I also love completely fucked up character profiles and their relationship is best described as a dysfunctional love affair.

The Wannabe-Writer
I do, occasionally, get a visit from the muses, letting them lead me where they might see fit. Mostly it's fanfiction ranging from G-NC17. I also succomb to the insanity of NaNoWriMo every bleedin' year. Have so since 2003 -- and have gone through it with my sanity in tatters.

I like writing humour, light stuff with very little angst and pain, though with Torchwood, I swing both ways.

When I write original, like I do for the NaNo, I tend to deflower priests, create demons with a run-away libido and all sorts of fun stuff.

A friend introduced me to slash, I found some x-men slash back in 2000 or so, followed it to the writer's website, found some Andromeda and suddenly, before I knew it, I had written my first fanfic, my one and only stint in the Andromeda fandom.

Then I got into writing x-men, then Smallville which brought me new friends, some of whom are still around. I got fed up with the smallville fans and went on to:

Stargate SG1, very taken with the idea of Jack and Daniel together and finally, I hit a fandom where the muses were in overdrive *g* -- sometimes with good results, sometimes with... well, less.

I had a little dabble in SGA, but it never appealed all that much to me. With SG1 I was single fandom and it drained me in the long run. I tried out Sentinel for a little while, but it was lot of the same people and just not... enough.

BOOM. For some odd reason I got involved in the Due South fandom and my muses were revived. Then I found Firefly and the joy of not necessarily having a one true pairing. Hey, I even did three-somes and liked doing it.

From Firefly I ended up here and there, and these days I'm completely multifandom, even occasionally reviving my old fandoms for a story or two.

Enter, because British TV is capable of so many things, Doctor Who, which I absolutely adore and Torchwood, in which the screwed up characters have captured my heart. I'm a happy little slasher in a nice, warm pond with the rest of you lot *g*

The newest addition to the family that is my obsessive need for more fandoms, is the new BBC production of Merlin. I wasn't going to watch, really, seriously... ahem. That went well, not! I fell in love with Merlin's bumbling ways, his need to do good, but not always managing, because let's face it, you can't save everyone with magic and sometimes, it just makes it worse.

Slowly, I began noticing Arthur as well, the royal prat *g*. As series 1 progressed, I have to admit I might have taken a bit of a shine to him as well. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the show is possibly one of the slashiest around. I'd dare anyone, slasher or not, to watch and not get the vibe between the two boys *g*

Doesn't hurt that the Dragon keeps jabbering about entertwined destinies, two sides of a coin etc. That, if anything, shows that the biggest fangirl ever, is the Dragon XD

The show's currently just finished it's S1 and it's been renewed for another round. To top it all off, we have possibly the sexiest version of Uther Pendragon to ever show up on a TV screen: Anthony Stewart Head.

Weak spots
I update sporatically sometimes, at other times, I update more than once a day. And I'm not good at remembering to comment in other people's LJs. I try, you know, but real life drains me occasionally.


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