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ximeria ([personal profile] ximeria) wrote2016-12-18 11:57 pm

And how did it hit sunday so fast?

I'm back *eg*

I'm actually going to try to post here more often. Why? Because, like someone on tumblr said, we sort of miss the LJ/DW format.

So I'm going to keep throwing shit into the blog again *g*

What you might ask? Well, tonight it'll be a bit of real life stuff.

Maybe tomorrow night it will be fannishly related. I've finally managed to edit the Warehouse 13 fic and have handed it over to butterynutjob to get their judgement. After 51-52K words, I have no real feel for if the story works or not. The brain has turned to mush at this point.

I have, however, a bunch of ideas/prompts etc in my GDocs and I'll probably unload them over here as a wip platform.

We'll see if I can keep that one going this year. I've tried for ages to get back to this blogging format but my brain often refuses to agree on getting anything done.

So, aye, that's what I'm aiming for. So a little fannish, maybe, tonight. I've been making boxes for the gifts I'm giving that are too small for my taste (one is a gift certificate, the other is a refurbished smart phone). So one box is now pitch black with team mystic's logo on it while the other one looks like one of the journals/books from Gravity Falls.

Speaking of Team Mystic - my own team as well - I've been enjoying Pokemon Go and still am. Caught a pikachu with a xmas hat today *g* - I wonder if they keep the hat when you evolve them?