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This is just an early Valentine's wish. If you have anyone to share the day with or not, it doesn't matter -- I'm sure we can all find ways of enjoying it in in here *g*

For those who actually want a STRAIGHT pairing *g*, here's my favorite

Happy Valentine's Day from Zoe and Wash )

For the slashers:

Happy Valentine's Day from Mal and Jayne )
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Nope, no firefly character pimping tonight -- my head feels like it's filled with lead and cotton ::sighs:: but I managed to make you all this:
(and you can blame [livejournal.com profile] audaxfemina for it, it all started with one little innocent conversation last night...)

Return of DorkJayne )

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I wanted to hold on to these until I had the full set: (although I do know I forgot Serenity herself, but I'm not sure I'm EVER caffeinated enough to try chibi-fying THAT!)

So, they're all up for sharin' now -- just leave a comment and credit -- especially the credit thing, or I'll tell Jayne...

Chibi icon Jayne Chibi icon Mal Chibi icon River

Chibi icon Kaylee Chibi icon Inara Chibi icon Zoe

Chibi icon Simon Chibi icon Wash Chibi icon Book

ETA: I've linked each icon to the original post with the full chibi versions *g*
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Yeah, finally got it done -- and now I AM gonna head off to bed... feeling so darned sleepy...

Chibi Style Book )


Jan. 13th, 2006 11:25 pm
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A note for Ms Ximeria, we're revoking her coffee privileges.

Chibi Style Wash )
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Chibi Style Simon )
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Chibi Style Zoe )
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I'm at it again ::grins::
I had a rotten mood earlier today because yeah, it's that time of the month ::sighs::
Can you say cranky? And why the hell do other people even go outside when I hit that point?!!
Aw heck, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] goddessindia this afternoon -- it helped the mood a lot. We got the things done she had to do and we went to the music library, so I brought home a few old Queen CDs and some Clannad (why yes, I have an eclectic taste in music and that there is NOTHING)

So the mood's better -- and I'm glad she put up with my crankiness *^_^*

Oh oh, and I did Inara! *g* Okay, get your mind outta the gutter, 'kay?
I even did a smaller glittery version, because I wanted to see if I COULD -- turned out okay, so I left in the glitter effect for the icon *g*

PS: I love my pen and tablet *eg*

Ordinary + glitter version of Chibi Inara )

I got it!!

Jan. 5th, 2006 02:49 pm
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Yup, went to pick up a new pen and tablet today! And they had it in stock AND it installed like a dream LOL

So, to celebrate that, before I'm out the door to meet [livejournal.com profile] goddessindia, I did one of my firefly chibis. I'd say Kaylee's smiling that widely because she's glad I've gotten my new pen LOL

Kaylee )
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Just a little bit of photoshop fiddling

River chibi style )
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Yup, I'm on crack again LOL

(AKA, whaddya mean, I got an obsession with Jayne?)

- -

- -

- -

And the one I'm using here is not for sharing *g* -- the chibis are MINE Muahahahahahah ::coughs::
And a new banner to top the LJ *g* -- had to update it with Jayne and Mal, didn't I?

Capt Mal Chibi Style )
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Yeah, I've been on crack today LOL

I made icons because [livejournal.com profile] demasduitdream listed the Zen Sarcasm list on her LJ *g* and mentioned they should be iconized. I found some of them were too good to NOT use for Firefly captions *g* -- There's ONE that isn't FF, but that's just because I liked it and lacked a good FF moment.

- -


Take any icons you'd like, but please leave a comment and I wouldn't mind being credited for the work -- especially considering how long it took to get LJ to upload the buggers! LOL

::crosses fingers that LJ will upload this time::

Oh, and I doodled today -- I have ideas for the entire crew. The first one I did of Jayne he was pissed off -- I forgot to give him a gun, you see...

Chibi madness -- firefly style )
ETA: LJ is being annoying, so I put a PB link in behind the cut instead ::sighs::


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