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I've got no urge to write, no urge to draw. Okay, not completely true. It's more a matter of wanting to, but not finding the inspiration to do either.

It sucks.

The only upside is that I get to occasionally dive into my WIP folders in Photoshop. Coloring does take some work, but at least the drawing's already done, I just have to take the time and focus to complete the coloring. Guess nothing's so bad it ain't good for something...

So, for the past few nights I've spent a little time coloring a drawing of Remy that I did... gosh, I have no idea when I did that one LOL. It's not that long ago, me thinks... then again, I hope my sketch AND writing muses will return to me, unharmed, during the Easter days... One can only hope, I guess.

The image itself has a lot of proportional flaws, but alas, I'm gonna use it anyway. I need the practice in coloring. Even if my urge to draw has dried up a wee bit

It's rated PG13 -- let the pants slip half an inch and it's R rated XD

Tease - x-men - Remy - PG13 )
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Just a wee bit I started on the other night, but was too sleepy to finish -- not that I ain't sleepy at the moment, but I finally managed to get it done:

THIS is sex - Remy - PG13 )
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A little R-rated fun before I head off to bed:

Making out - Bobby/Remy - R )
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Nah, just the opening for one, so you can tell me if it sucks or should be carried on. AND because I got to musing what a young Remy would look like, getting to the school.

There are no spoilers as such for the movie, although this takes place after X3

The Xavier School for gifted youngsters gets a new additon )
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And just because we were discussing having Gambit in the movie version of X-men, I got to thinking and am now being bitten by a vicious bunny -- so I had to start out with doing this version of Gambit -- can you just imagine that Rogue will have THIS kinda competition for Bobby? Cuz we all know he's gonna sweet talk Bobby in no time *eg*

Gambit )
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I'm being decidedly mushy... so what of it!?

Lounging - Remy/Bobby mild R )
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I was hit by this image earlier, so I ended up fooling around with PS tonight...

Passion Play - Remy/Bobby - R-rated )
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I did this sketch a while back and today I had the urge to work on it in PS... I'm a bit agressive today... It's that time of the month and last night was... sucky. It sucked worse than the Leaves... *snorts* I've done yard work for my dad, done the dishes here at home and I'm currently doing laundry... I do know how to channel the more agressive side into some seriously needed work LOL

Gambit - R-rated )
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Just a random image post because I do this best when I'm worried. My dad called yesterday, he'd been at the hospital getting a lot of tests done, because he'd felt badly Thursday morning. He called me last night while I was out partying, so I've kinda been worried since. Probably won't un-worry until the tests get back *sighs*

Who seduces who? - bobby/remy - R )

A little chibi fun, Ray Kowalski )


Dec. 26th, 2005 05:10 pm
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Sodding piece of... Okay, I'm going out tomorrow to try and get a new pen and plate. I got money for christmas for it, so I'm gonna have to run around a bit. I think working on the piece under the cut-tag really drove home the fact that I can't do without the damned piece of hardware.

Remind me to NEVER attempt this with the mouse again O.o

Bobby/Remy - quiet )


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