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Yup, got a wee bit done tonight, but not much.

Good thing? I've got a week off work!!!


Did I write anything? Nope. How far am I behind on my quota -- a good 8.000 words when tomorrow comes around. Am I worried? Not particularly *g*

What HAVE I gotten done?

I've ordered Nicci's birthday present from amazon UK and have asked them to giftwrap it for me.

What else to do? I've gotta tidy and unpack the rest of the boxes this week (yes, it's only been 6 months since I moved...)


Oct. 29th, 2008 05:07 pm
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Whoa - wow. Sterling cracked. I flew with them about a month back when I went to Stratford... *stares*

*misses the insane ladies too*

Companion's Companion was nominated


Oct. 3rd, 2008 05:03 pm
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Yeah, my cold decided that having the day off was the perfect opportunity to crash my whole body. I feel sluggish at best.

I'm on LJ being amused by my lovely American peeps posting sarky comments on Palin and other election stuff.

I'm also cooking red pepper soup *omnomnomnom*

recipe, although I've shared it before... )
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...procrastination XD

This cracked me up

And here I am, online, browsing Deviantart and watching Babylon 5 while I've opened a text file to start writing some TW fanfic -- still not the badfic I'm thinking about doing, just an ordinary 'let's-be-mean-to-Ianto' story XD
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I tell you to sod off or something similarly unpleasant?

Don't take it personally. It's that time of the month and my mood's foul.

So, in advance, if I'm more rude than usual? (too bad I'm not ginger either). Please bear with me.

Only highlight of the day? Coming home to find the first season of Babylon 5 on my doorstep... at only 14 quid ^_____^

And I sketched a naughty tonight *beams*


Sep. 6th, 2008 12:34 am
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It's weekend.

This has literally been the week from hell. From those of you not in the know, I work in a campus bookstore and of course all the first week of September is always 'bad' as in, hectic beyond words.

This time around, though, it's been worse. I woke up right before last weekend one morning with a stiff neck, sore or rather, painful. I couldn't move much without wincing and I have a very high pain threshold. This morning I finally had time for a physio session. And after the nice lad pummeled my shoulder into a slightly better shape, he told me I should combine some painkillers. I don't normally use painkillers so I had no idea what to combine. His suggestions? Paracetamol combined with ibuprofen three times a day.

I went out and bought painkillers when I got home from work, ate dinner and took the pills. They knocked me out for a few hours, but look!!! I can actually lie down and get back up without crying out in pain ^___^

Other news: I picked the external harddrive up at the post office today. Yay! 500GB -- I've now done half the maintenance on Ianto (the lappie) and it should be running better and better these days -- It means I've cleaned out Jack (the D drive that holds all the dirty bits like porn, downloads etc XD) and I've still got to do the TARDIS (C drive), but that'll take some clear headed work and uninstalling a few programs.

Then there's Old Faithful -- the old desktop computer hooked up to my TV. Let's not even think about that -- it has two harddrives and they're full of weird stuff XD

So... I expect to get a bit more movement out of my neck this weekend. Clean, tidy, maybe even write a bit if the muses agree. And getting drunk with Nicci online tomorrow night.

Now for a bout of painkillers and then bed ^_^

*hugs muchly missed f-list*
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Maybe that should've been 'at work' instead of space XD

I'm so knackered today and I just know I won't be able to find time for fannish stuff for the next few weeks. I'll be working hard to just get through the days.

Things that might eventually kill me:

* Work
* shoulder/neck
* work

Real life seems to be trying to kill me.

Night between Wednesday and Thursday I managed to sleep in a wrong position. Thursday morning? I couldn't turn my head to the left and barely an inch to the right. Oddly enough, working helped loosen the muscles a bit, but I'm still stiff as feck.

Friday night we (work) were invited to the university shindig. Food, entertainment and a Runrig concert afterwards. I drank, I sang -- I'm hoarse today -- and still got up to go to work this morning -- we were open from 11 to 1 but I didn't go home till 4. There's so much stuff that needs doing before we open the doors on Monday morning to the hordes of students.

*takes deep breath and tries not to scream*

I'm glad I have a skype appointment with Nicci later tonight.

So, for the near future, I'll barely be a blip on the radar. Don't worry, I'll be back ...eventually XD

*counts down the days to go drool over David Tennant and Patrick Stewart...*
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That's... pretty amazingly done -- considering that we were behind by several goals with less than a minute to go? and we played worse than shite most of the time... yet, we won by one goal...

And before you ask, yes, we have a TV at work, yes we make sure to walk by it a lot when there's a game on ... like today XD
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This has to be one of the better cover versions out there...


Aug. 9th, 2008 01:21 pm
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... yeah, today's a good day, I'm feeding two of my habits, bad or not that will be left unsaid.

I picked up my DW boxset of S1 today -- I wanted the UK version instead of the Danish one, because it's got extra material and the box is cooler XD -- Play.com had it on sale for a good 28 quid -- which is fairly cheap I'd say. I've ordered S3 as well which should be delivered one of the nearest days at appx 40 quid -- I hadn't bought that one earlier because the price kept being a little higher than I was willing to pay.

The second habit is called Firefly -- not the show, but a juice drink.

Normally I only indulge if I've been by the airport, because they're about 2 and a half quid there -- at the restaurants here they're appx double that price. It means I buy them a few times a year. It's a treat. 'Unfortunately', [livejournal.com profile] nora_charles had to go and mention that one of our store in Odense now carries them at just under 2 quid a bottle... I foresee a future of... well, a lot of bottles XD

So I'm sitting here, in my underwear because it's still hot and humid, after a noon and morning with D downtown. And I'm sipping de-tox (ginger, lemon lime) watching Doctor Who and completely ignoring that I should be tidying up *g*
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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Hello one and all -- I am now home safe and sound.

The trip home was better than out -- we had tailwind instead of headwind, so we made it into Copenhagen airport 15 mins ahead of schedule. This in turn meant I could catch a train earlier than I'd expected, bringing me into Odense at 9pm instead of 10pm local time. It meant I made it into the supermarket before it closed at 10 and I now have had a bit to eat and there's food for breakfast tomorrow morning ^_^

*hugs everyone*

Thank you for being with me for the past nearly three weeks of mad wandering around the lovely southern part of Scotland.

Thankfully I've got a few days before heading back to work on Monday, so I should be capable of moving without wincing XD
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To [livejournal.com profile] catspaw_sgjd and her husband, happy 30 years, may it be many more to come.

Myspace Anniversary
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...and thank the stars that it's almost over *laughs weakly*

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I have learned truths tonight.

1. Duran Duran is even better live than on CD

2. Simon Le Bon is still one sexy, cheeky bastard *melts*

cut for images and crazy Xim )
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How much I hate warm weather? I mean, it'd be okay if it was just, you know, WARM, but it has to jump to 28C and the sun burns like big ball of burning ga... eh, that's what it is I know, but still... *flops down on couch*

Gotten done last night/today:

* Downloaded and watched DW -- enjoyed it muchly.

* Created 30 images out of appx 132 for my new lj moodtheme... it was supposed to be Jack and Ianto, but so far it's been Ianto more than anything else -- seems that boy has a facial expression fitting for every mood XD

* Unpacked 5 boxes this morning, 9 to go XD

* Put laundry on
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Yup, I'm getting around to unpacking my books XD

So far I've unpacked about 20%... Please don't laugh -- there are a LOT

It also means I've got a few titles that are looking for a new home. If you wanna pay postage, it's up to you, if not, then alas, I'll pay for it *g* I just don't want to throw books out.

All of the below are paperback editions and in good condition.

The Slayer Files
(a small guide to the episodes of the tv series -- I seem to recall it came with one of the VHS sets I ordered back in the Dark Ages from Blackstar.co.uk)

Buffy the Vampire slayer - the Angel Chronicles book 1 and 2
(is what it says, these are three short stories in each book focusing on Angel)

Michael Crichton - The 13th Warrior
(The book behind the movie)
now has a home with [livejournal.com profile] sorciere

Pierre Boulle - Planet of the Apes
(the book from 1963 though this is a newer print of course)

Levar Burton - Aftermath
(sci-fi story, fairly okay, but seen before, compared to King's the stand, though that's a bit too high for it to reach)

You don't have to take all of them if only one of them appeals to you
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I put in a wireless netcard in the old computer. It now runs on the same network as my laptop. I've also set up a connection. I can now remote control the desktop - which is connected to the TV, so all the TV shows and movies and music I have on it? I can now access from the lappie *g*

Computer networks fixed: 1

Boxes unpacked: 2

I'm behind on the unpacking, having been ill this past week -- trying to cough up a lung *sighs*
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Public announcement: The below view is mine, all mine, and no one else's -- feel free to disagree.

How does anyone decide to write a scene where Ianto is hurt and Jack breaks down crying?

*bangs head on table*

I don't just mean a tear or worry or such - nooooooeeeee. See, I could have lived with the occasional tear or worry, even if I don't think it's entirely in character for Jack -- at least not openly -- on his own? Yeah, but he's very carefully guarded most of the time -- as is Ianto. In this story however, it was falling apart, falling into each other's arms, overly emotional dialogue and although the writer had a warning up about 'fluff' -- I'm sorry, that's not fluff -- that's vomit inducing.

On a personal note -- I hate my shoulder -- seriously -- good thing I managed to get an appointment with a physiotherapist tomorrow morning -- I've got tension headache once or twice a day at the moment -- gotta get rid of that.

News: We're getting closer to vacation time now -- which rocks *g*

Flat news: God, I'm too knackered most days to get anything done -- I figure I will eventually, if no later than after my shoulder's back in the game *g*
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Today came and went. I managed to paint the old flat - so tomorrow I'll be going back after work to clean the last stuff away, including paint and assessorries.

I went over to start painting at nine this morning... I came home at half past seven in the evening... Yes, I'm knackered LOL utterly so. But, at least it's a step forward having gotten that done. Now I just have to call the people who handle the flats and get their word for it being okay and I can hand over the keys.

The painting and running up and down the ladder also means that I hurt in places I didn't even know could hurt XD -- including my right hand which feels completely crippled. Of course I'm ignoring it and typing away, but I'm sure it'll be stiff in the morning. I have, however, started revising Companion's Companion 2 -- which means I've edited 10 pages tonight -- that was the easy part. Now I have to delete a good 15 pages -- the ending and rewrite it from scratch? Why? Because I didn't like it and I got better ideas XD -- besides, my beta called me on that half and I reread and realized that it's a horrible jumble I can't really save as it is -- I'm doing everyone and favor by holding off posting and actually rewriting the story -- like Nicci mentioned tonight, it's almost liberating to just mark it all off (the problem section, no matter the amount of pages) and hit delete. I didn't like how Ianto turned out and Jack felt flat -- which means rewriting is the only way out -- I'm not posting any sort of half-arsed dredge.

On another note, I had a bit of a nostalgia trip tonight. I ended up listening to M√ľnchener Freiheit -- german pop band from the 80s -- it's been at least ten years since I've heard these songs and the scary thing? I can still sing along to them XD


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