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It tickles me, you know. I got an issue of Spread Magazine today -- it's about the sex industry -- pretty interesting. And why, you might ask, did I get an issue? Well, last year someone from the magazine asked if they could use one of my old sketches, and I agreed. And the lovely lady sent me the issue *g* -- well, whaddya know? I'm in print LOL

AND ... now for the last character pimpage of Firefly, I give you:

Shepherd Derrial Book )

For those interested, the full pimpage can be found by clicking the tag below that says firefly pimpage, it'll give you all the posts from Mal to Book

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I've been swamped by work and cold and so on for the past few days, and the pimpage has suffered greatly from it. Still, I wanted to get Wash done, because Wash is cute, Wash is fun, Wash is the kind of pilot you want... well, more or less... really... he's a good pilot, only slightly insane...

Hoban 'Wash' Washburne )

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And today's candidate for the insane aslylum: Ms. River Tam:

River Tam - Oracle or crazy? )
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Finally had the time to continue this stuff -- and today's character is the lovely Mrs. Washburne *g*

Zoë Washburne - Warrior Woman )

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Aaaaand here we go. Lots of pretties *g*
So far the list is:

Not just for the ones who don't know Firefly, the rest of you lot should look at the shiny too *g*

And for today, I give you:
Dr. Simon Tam )

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And today's character pimping is Inara -- pretties, pretties everywhere *g*

Inara Serra - AKA The Ambassador )

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Beware! This is a huge post, because I don't know when to stop when I'm capping Jayne LOL -- it also necessitated a clean up of the keyboard... sorry. Drool and keyboards... not a good mix *g* -- so a word of warning, behind the cut are both hot, adorable and dorky pictures... -- bring the bucket, kay? Cuz I ain't cleaning up...

Jayne Cobb - aka the Hero of Canton )

I want!

Jan. 27th, 2006 06:21 pm
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And yes, I'm working on the Jayne entry for today -- but I've got TOO many caps ::wails:: So I either have to cut about two thirds of them or it's gonna be one heavy entry...

[Poll #661211]

I like your pants around your feet
I like the dirt that's on your knees
I like the way you still say please
while you're looking up at me
you're like my favorite damned decease...

ETA: I put it all in the post, because the Jayne-hungry masses came before the sane people
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So... I decided I'd try to explain to the people on my f-list who aren't firefly fans, just why the heck I'm having this much fun with the fandom...
Well, I'm gonna pimp it one character at a time -- with basic descriptions, screencaps/promos and icon bases.

Rest of you who ARE fans, feel free to dig inside as well, comments are more than welcome and the icon bases are yours to play with *eg*
Also, feel free to share some of your favorite images of Mal here as well, your favorite icons and your favorite fanfic.

Malcolm Reynolds - aka Capt Tightpants )


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