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went to the Butterfly World in Edinburgh yesterday. Took a ton of pictures LOL, held a tarantula etc - all good fun.

Edinburgh Butterfly World

butterfly world - butterflys, spiders and reptiles )

Full set can be found here
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On the Sunday, we had talked Cats into joining us for a trip to Glasgow. We left from Dunfermline, she from Edinburgh and met up at around 11 in Glasgow. Then we went on a bumpy ride with the subway (jeez, I miss the Copenhagen metro - with its nice and smoothe glide).

Then a short walk from Kelvinhall station to Kelvingrove park and the museum. It's a nice museum, but there's a lot of stuff crammed into a very small place - of course that's really half the fun *g*. There was also an incredible amount of toilets!

Right, so on to the pictures - and go ahead and view the full set of 70+ pictures on Flickr, because there's a lot more than I'll submit you guys to in a single LJ post *g*

Kelvingrove Museum
Kelvingrove Art & Gallery - just as it was starting on a light drizzle!

Glasgow - Kelvingrove Art and & Museum )

Click here for the full set of the day.

So all around a good day - and I'd say that the museum is well worth visiting.
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Not much happening this day - but since Nicci had a dentist appointment @ 2, Bex and I caught a ride and went down into the glen and the Abbey Church.

Weather wasn't exactly fantastic, but there were good pictures to be had afterall. Nicci eventually caught up with us when she was done and with the thunder rolling around us and the rain threatening... we returned home.

Dunfermline - The Glen (Pittencrief Park)
We were followed all over the place by these little buggers. Hard to take pictures of, though. As they know JUST when to move LOL

Dunfermline Abbey, church and park )

Full set can be found here
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aka. our planned trip to Stirling Castle went south, all thanks to the bloody queen *rolls eyes*

This picture sums up the day rather nicely XD

A day full of obstacles )

Full set here

PS we're going to Glasgow on Sunday with Cats, and I'll be mightily annoyed if things are shut down because of the queen LOL
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Since Bex works @ the animal park as a volunteer - we went a day where she wasn't at work so she could enjoy it as well. And it meant going into the enclosure of the Lemurs and get to handle them - or get handled - as was the case with Chess - hand reared and people loving.

I can haz a lemur! (This is Chess - she's da boss)
people getting lemur-mugged! )

Full set of the Fife Animal Park
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So, yesterday, after having a nice slow morning with Kabal, he walked me to the Metro and I went out to the airport. Nice and easy - Metro sure makes it a heck of a lot easier than getting a bus.

Got picked up by Nicci and hubby @ the usual spot and then we headed home for a nice and quiet evening. Well, quiet, we went shopping fairly late in the evening *g*

Anywho, as the weather forecast was pretty brilliant for Tuesday, we planned to head off to Edinburgh Zoo.

That nearly killed us LOL - hours upon hours of walking, taking photos, up and down that damned hill the zoo is on LOL

So, without too much chitter-chatter - I have photos for you:

Asiatic Lions (or in this case, lionesses)

photos galore )

Full set is here
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Leaving for Copenhagen in about 2 hours. Spending some quality geeky time with [personal profile] kabal42 (any of the others joining btw?) Before leaving for Scotland on Monday.

Funny thing is, in the way home? Totally pitstopping in Copenhagen again. If the weather allows, [personal profile] blnchflr has suggested bathing at the beach :) (why would I go directly home? got fab friends in Copenhagen with whom I love spending time).
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1. So, congrats to New York

2. The world's a sadder place for having lost Peter Falk (Columbo)

3. I may have had random bouts of homicidal urges through the week - dampened, I believe, only by the mutated cold from hell. (Hey, I didn't kill anyone! I consider that a plus)

4. Had a thai massage today - feel completely knackered now

5. Laundry done - time to do some serious packing!

6. Unearthed the ticket to Copenhagen tomorrow - going to visit with [personal profile] kabal42 until I'm initiating the Danish Invasion of Scotland on Monday (flying out at 1PM). I'm hoping to swing by [personal profile] blnchflr on the way home on the 15th of july - there was talk of going out to the sea to bathe ^_^

7. Gonna be at Chez Mc for almost three weeks - there's gardening in my future, I know. And possibly getting peed on by the gunea pigs XD - cooking, dishes - stuff I'm not fond of at home, but don't mind doing when I'm out *g*


re. #3 We've had so much to do with the IT side of life (apart from my usual stuff) that with the cold that hit me on Monday, it's been killing me getting through the week. So far let's just say it's a good thing I didn't actually have the energy to kill anyone XD - no one in particular - just a random act of maiming.

M+F Popcorn from ondine_e on Vimeo.

and a bit of mutual appreciation never went awry *g* Face to Face: James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender

And some McAvoy/Fassbender fun as well *g* - thanks to [personal profile] sol_se for sharing that one.
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...hanging out with people who appreciate a good ale.

[personal profile] catspaw and I ended up with a boat load of beer today, trying out some stuff I've never had - quite frankly, this post is mostly to remind myself which ones and how they tasted LOL

beer images )
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Brain is not functioning well enough to do a post on what we've actuallly been doing since we arrived in Taynuilt yesterday - however, I just HAD to share the latest Scandinavia and the world comic strip XD

About Iceland's Penis Museum getting a new ...piece to showcase...

Good morning everyone! XD


May. 1st, 2011 03:18 pm
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So, I'm actually managing to write today, I even got the story past the 6k the.reverse bang requires. Not quite done yet, there's roughly a couple thousand words to go.

I've also rescheduled my run from this morning. Gonna do it tonight instead. While birch pollen has definitely gone down a bit, it's still not quite enough. 3 km is what I can handle, but I still want to rub my face raw afterward AND sleep for 3 hours when I've showered.

Also, 1.5 weeks! Then I'm off to invade WESTERN Scotland. (eastern part is on hold till end of June - giving them time to catch their bearings).


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